What's going on with this blog??

You may have noticed that the previous post in this blog is dated back to 2004, which may prompt you to wonder why I haven't posted in 2005 until now?

The short answer is, I disconnected this blog from my web site last year and just haven't used it.

If you're wondering why all of a sudden it's started popping up in the 'Recently updated blogs' list (or wherever it's been popping up) it's because I'm working on bringing this blog back into my site from January 2006.

So if you found your way to my web site and do like my artwork then consider signing up to my newsletter. I only send my newsletter out once a month to let my readers know that there is new stuff to see/read on my web site.

I'm making a lot of changes in 2006 so there will be plenty to see and read (and of course buy).

For your convenience here is a list of my sites with my art:

The Extraordinary Tourist - my personal art space.

Happy Cat Jac - All my early humorous Cat paintings.

Art Time Productions - how to hire me to paint for you.

Art Wanted - another portfolio with artworks not featured on my sites.

MSN Space - The blog I have been writing during 2005.

See you all in 2006 :)

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