More than 'Nothing'...

To understand my previous article ''Nothing' on a grand scale' you need to understand that I'm not trying to convince you my exhibition, 'Unstarted', is 'Art'. It's not a case of 'The Emperor's New Clothes'. I'm not trying to con you into thinking there is 'Art' in a space where there is nothing on display to look at.

In fact my exhibition is entirely about there being no art on display and that I did not even think about creating any art at all. It is an honest exhibition that is not trying to deceive you. It is what says it is.

No doubt some Art Critic could give it more credibility by describing it as 'Conceptual minimalism to the extreme' but the average Joe or Jane public would word it better with the simple statement 'That's not art!'

Whilst I'm not against Conceptual art as such, my criticism is aimed at artists who appear to rely on Galleries, Art Curators and Professional Art Critics to give their work an air of credibility that really isn't deserved.

I believe artists should be putting more thought into what they exhibit and refrain from exhibiting half baked concepts in high profile galleries simply because they know the right people who will give them the space.

I'd like to see artists playing a significant role in the development of their art, beyond the concept stage, and especially, not just 'finding something' and calling it 'Art'.

Artists should be making the most of highly sought after gallery space with their ideas (or even their skills). Reaching out and connecting with their audience rather than leaving them empty and perplexed.

Consider taking the time to make simple ideas extremely interesting and complex ideas both interesting and accessible.

All Artists should be aware that competition for gallery space is fierce. Particularly in the large, public galleries that can afford to exhibit more experimental, conceptual work.

If you're one of those artists that has access to such a space, please don't waste that opportunity by farting.


  1. So what you'r really saying is that we should avoid putting the 'F' in Art.

    I dig it :)


  2. Yeah :) (I was going to continue the 'fart' analogy further but that's not the 'substance' I really want to see either.)


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