Did I wake you?

When answering the phone the most common thing that anybody says to me (after 'Hello') is 'Oh, did I wake you?'

Now I know there are some people who do sleep at 4 o'clock in the afternoon but not me. Sometimes I get 'Did I wake you?' from down the end of a phone line earlier in the day but the afternoon ones are the most disconcerting.

I know I don't have the chirpiest (is that even a word?) of voices but 'Did I wake you?' at 4pm is too much.

No you didn't wake me, I'm just tired of your interuption. Get to the point of your call.

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  1. When I lived at my last place at Crandon St, people sometimes used to ask me if I was 'having a nap!'

    That was because being in a bigger house with 3 bedrooms that you went down a longish hallway to get to and the bathroom and toilet etc, well, if I was down the other end of the house, the 'phone was on the wall in the dining area and even running, the 'phone had a chance to ring about five times before I got there, so they thought I was asleep!

    I often thought that if I was elderly and could only walk very slowly, then the 'phone would have had a chance to ring right out before I got there! Now, in my smaller unit, I have a 'phone at the side of my bed, there being a connection, so it's great not having to leap out, should it ring when I AM in bed!


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