The Shortest epic in the making.

'The Shortest Story: 20 days' is a painting I've been 'working' on for over a year. It's based upon the Harry Chapin song of the same name which tells the story of a child born into extreme poverty.It is a very sad story and probably my least favourite Harry Chapin song.

However, my partner likes the song and thought I should create an artwork based upon it. So, towards the end of January 2005 I began work on, what was intended to be a Valentine's Day gift (Feb 14, 2005).

Two Valentine's Days and over a year later, this is where it is at - just over half finished. It's a difficult artwork to get excited about even though I'm happy with how it looks so far. Obviously I haven't actually been working on it every day. For the most part it's sat in my studio, neglected for the larger part of 2005. Early February 2006 I managed to progress it to this stage after about a days work but haven't touched it since.

Maybe the song is just too depressing or maybe the image contains too much fine detail that I'm reluctant to tackle? If I really set my mind to it I could finish it in a couple of days.

Whatever happens I thought I'd show it to you. Maybe a few words of encouragement might be in order...


  1. Get that painting finished! Although, it looks finished to me!

  2. If you click on the image you'll see a larger version that is missing a lot of detail. I still haven't done anything more on this. It's hard because it's quite a depressing image based on a song I don't really like.


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