Does it make bread?

I can’t pretend to know what six weeks of hand washing is like but I can imagine it must be pretty bad since my partner, finally able to buy a new washing machine, proceeded to wash everything in the house – even stuff that had already been washed.

The new washing machine is an odd looking thing. It’s not your typical top-loading machine with the controls on a raised panel at the back. It’s more ‘chest’ shaped, kind of rounded on top, with the controls on a panel at the front. It looks rather a lot like an oversized bread making machine and, with the number of lights I’m sure there must be one that tells you when the bread is done.

Not even our video recorder has that many lights. It has a myriad of settings. One setting lets you set the machine to start washing even before you get out of bed in the morning…no cup of tea...but at least your clothes are done.

The machine also makes a number of beeping noises. I don’t know what any of them mean but the one I heard sounded like it was probably reversing. It is an amazing little washing machine. It’s been washing almost non-stop for two days and still going strong. Happily cleaning everything.

I’m just wondering when we can try out the bread making cycle?


  1. Hahahahaha very funny :)

  2. Yeh, I could do with a washer that would make bread! From go to whoa without me having to do anything other than load the ingredients! Very handy!

    My medium-sized Simpson automatic washer isn't doing bad for its age. I got it in October '90 and it was first washing for two for a few years and now just me.

    There have been a few hiccups with the spinner, and it gets temperamental at times, by stopping, but is fixed by catching onto a lever underneath the top of the tub. Apart from that, it's still going strong! (fingers crossed, after saying that!) No sign of any bread yet though!


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