Minimalism in Art

Minimalism in Art is all about breaking down any subject into its most basic elements, leaving just enough information to express whatever idea the artist is trying to convey.

The career path of artists working in this style often begins from a place where the artist is producing impressively complex creations. Then, as they 'mature' in their development their work becomes progressively simpler and...well...minimal.

To para phrase British actor/comedian Kenneth Williams, who once said about specialists, "It's more and more people getting better and better at less and less. Pretty soon someone is going to be absolutely superb at nothing!". Minimalism is a little like that...or seems like it.

More and more artists painting less and less. Pretty soon an artist will come along who is superb at painting nothing! Perhaps they already have if my previous blog entry Blank Canvas is to be believed.

Minimalism is a legitimate art form. I have no problem with it as a concept. It can be clever, thought provoking, sublime and more. I do, however wonder about artists who create nothing but minimalist works and their motivation for doing so.

It seems all to easy to put a single brush stroke on a canvas and call it minimalism.

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