Speed Bandits - only in Denmark.

Thanks to Mobuzz TV I came across this news story which I had to blog for ... um ... well no good reason except that this kind of innovative, out of left field, traffic policy thinking surely needs to catch on ... preferably in my home town. Topless speed controllers.

If you've watched the video then I shouldn't need to explain any further however Mobuzz Host, Karina, pointed out the glaringly obvious... "Where are the buff male speed controllers?"

She went on to speculate that the lack of males may mean that 1. The policy makers are sexist pigs, or 2. Research showed that it was only male drivers that were speeding (oh right, because all the female drivers need to drive slower in order to check their hair and lippy in the mirror!).

I feel that this kind of policy is actually rewarding speeders for their bad driving. No one would have thought of this if people didn't speed, right? I didn't see any driver in the clip getting upset about slowing down, before speeding on their way again after getting a good look at the err... speed limit. Though a few drivers stuck in grid lock did seem impatient - probably frustrated at not being close enough to find out what speed they should be doing.

Now Danish drivers are in a quandary. If the program works there eventually won't be a need for it and they'll lose the view. However if it doesn't work the program will be scrapped. Seems like they need to keep speeding, but not too much. Just enough to keep the program going indefinitely.

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