New Arrival

There's a new arrival in my studio. An alien. He didn't arrive in anything so primitive as a space ship, being much more evolved than that. In fact, he kind of evolved from house hold items like paper and card. He has soft drink bottle eyes.

He doesn't say much...perhaps it's difficult when your mouth is painted on?

His brain is crumpled newspaper so were he to speak he'd probably verbalise the newsprint in his head. Hopefully not the fashion pages or the sports section.

I'm sure he has plenty he wants to tell you but for now we're just learning to communicate. There's an alien in my studio. A welcome new arrival.

1 comment:

  1. Very good, and lifelike. He looks quite friendly - and a bit bemused, or bewildered - probably wondering where he is!

    Must look pretty eerie in the dark or subdued light, if you forget he's there! Give you a fright if you stumble over him - it could be a 'her' even!


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