The Houses on the Hill.

Some day I'm going to be one of those people who live on the hill. You've seen their houses, crammed together high on the hill side, two stories high, positioned to maximize the view across the valley to the horizon beyond.

My home town of Gawler has many of these houses. The town is located in a valley and part way up several hills. It's clear that the people on the hill have money because their two story houses are like mini mansions but without the wide open grounds. They're packed together like tourists on a lookout, all fighting for the best view.

Enjoying one of my semi regular walks around the town, it struck me that most of the houses on the hill add very little to the view you see from the valley below. Whilst they may have spectacular views from their balcony, the exteriors of the hill houses look plain and uninspired. Architectural Blah.

Before those houses were built there used be trees, wildlife, scrub land and more. The view used to be so much better than the box like structures that exist there now.

Perhaps being a person who lives in a house on the hill wouldn't be so great after all. Who really wants to spoil the view from the valley?

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