I'll Pencil You In T-Shirt.

In May of last year I wrote an article in my blog titled I'll pencil you in, about busy people, keeping diaries and the need for my partner and I to make time for each other.

At about the same time I thought that heading would be a great slogan for a T-shirt. Artists especially would appreciate the double meaning of penciling someone into a diary and penciling someone in as a preliminary sketch.

I was going to create the slogan and put it into my shop (and I may do that yet) but never really got around to doing it (should have penciled that in me thinks). Well move forward about a year and finally the slogan is available from my Red Bubble Gallery.

I'll Pencil You In... is just AUD$26.00 and is sold through Red Bubble - an Australian Company. If you'd like to let all your friends know that you've got time for them (tentatively at least) then this is the T-shirt for you. Buy one and support an independent artist whilst you do.

[Update: Since writing this article this product has been removed from my Red Bubble store however it is available in my Cafepress Shop under TET's Slogans]

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