The things you hear in public.

I've written about conversations I've overheard in public places before with my article, Relationship on Train. These are the kind of conversations that your ears can't help but tune into and that the speaker is clearly making no attempt to ensure no one is listening.

A few days ago my partner and I went out for an evening meal at a not so local, but very popular restaurant. Two ladies at the next table, probably around our age (mid thirties) were discussing their relationships.

The girl doing most of the talking was describing the most intimate of details of some relationship break down she'd had with her current partner. I didn't get all of the conversation because my brain was tuning in and out depending on the combination of words. You know how it is. You're not really interested but then a combination of juicy words drift over... "he and I were in the shower..."

Oh my goodness, should you really be having this conversation in such a public place? I noticed one or two other tables were tuning in for this too.

"You know when you just really want to get away from someone but what you really need most is for them to hug you..."

Well no, not really but in some weird way it has a fuzzy logic to it.

I don't really know what this discussion was about. One of them had done something they shouldn't have and the other partner had found out but they worked through it. Apparently he is a great father, so I can breathe easy about that.

If you're out in public, you really shouldn't talk about your private affairs where everyone can't help but overhear. You never know who's blog your conversation will feature in.

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  1. Oh but it was so entertaining though!!!!! :)
    We should start our own conversation oneday and see if anyone ever writes about us hahahahaa


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