Toddler Paparazzi

With all the world focussed on paparazzi, celebrity and stars playing up for the cameras my mind drew an interesting parallel that I thought I'd share.

I was sitting in a kiosk in the Botanical Gardens, Adelaide, South Australia, observing a family of about nine adults at a neighbouring table, one of whom had a young boy of about the age of 2. Not yet old enough to talk many words, still young enough to be totally adorable.

One person there was obviously his mother. I deduced that the others were probably relatives. One or two possibly grandparents? One or two others maybe... aunties?

It was the typical scene with one of the adults sitting the boy in their lap and encouraging him to ham it up a bit whilst everyone looked on eagerly awaiting his too cute reactions. Four of them had cameras.

Two were digital cameras whilst two more were camera phones, eagerly snapping away at this little chap's every giggle and gleam of the eye. Flashes going off every couple of seconds. It was like this toddler had his own personal paparazzi. Baby you're a star!

Not only did he have is own personal paparazzi but I bet he was getting the royal treatment too. Personal assistants all over the place, pushing him around in his own mobile chair, someone to clean his face if he dribbled food...I bet he even had someone to wipe his ar... well, lets not go there.

It's a funny parallel. No wonder real celebrities often behave like children.

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