Crucifix anyone?

The cross pictured at the right is the main feature of the Eden Valley lookout at Eden Valley, South Australia. A plaque at the site indicates that the lookout is still under development so there could be more to come however there is no explanation anywhere as to the significance of this rather ominous looking cross? Crucifix anyone?

It's a very sturdy looking structure surrounded by a few strategically placed picnic tables. One can only wonder as to what it means. Likely it has some religious significance but I don't know what... could be some secular minority practicing some long forgotten Pagan rituals perhaps?

If you happen to live at Eden Valley and know what this cross is all about...please show me some enlightenment with a comment.


  1. Eden Valley is not a cult or anything, it was placed there to draw people to the hill where they the have dawn services on during the easter holiday.

  2. Thanks for the insight. At the time I visited I couldn't see anything to explain who erected the cross or why it was there. Has a sign has been added since then? If not perhaps someone should consider it - just so tourists, like myself, aren't left wondering.

  3. In Austria, Germany, Switzerland it is a very common christian practise to erect a cross on hills, summits of mountains or other important locations. According to this website ( the practise started with christianisation. I guess you could see it as a location for meditation or a spot where you are closer to god. It may also help to get very close to god during a lightning storm :)

    1. Very interesting link. Certainly sounds very relevant to the Eden Valley Cross. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


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