Eudunda. Birth place of author, Colin Thiele.

South Australian author, Colin Thiele's three most well known books are 'Storm Boy', 'Blue Fin' and 'Sun on the Stubble'. Well at least those three are the ones I know.

A visit to the town of Eudunda, South Australia, is pretty much a celebration of the man and his life (Colin passed away in 2006) with the local site seeing trail highlighting important locations from the author's past.

One could be forgiven for thinking that Eudunda has little else to offer in the way of historic displays but the town's Family Heritage Museum puts a rest to that. There is much more to the town's past than the famous author.

The museum reveals a wealth of personal histories of many of the town's families and the lives they lead. It's possibly one of the biggest historical artifact collections within the region. Some of the life size, figures are clearly, lovingly home made by not so skilled artists however they give the display something of a more personal touch that might be missing if professionally constructed manikins had been used.

Whilst there isn't a lot to see in Eudunda, it certainly is a picturesque town that can cater for a pleasant morning or afternoon of sight seeing. Don't let anyone tell you it's not worth the trip.

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