Girl Problems.

My partner's daughter sometimes has sick days from school for, what is described to me as, 'girl problems'.

Now all you blokes out there will know that we sometimes have 'girl problems' too but somehow haven't managed to wrangle a way to make them a justified excuse to take a 'sickie' from work.

Oh, wait, our 'girl problems' are not the same kind of 'girl problems' that girls have? I see... oops.. probably didn't need quite that much information... ewwww!

Do boys have 'boy problems' and can we use them as a generic excuse to take a 'sickie'?

No wait, boys have 'man problems' surely? (he says beating chest and growling in a very masculine way... ouch that hurt my chest!)

Man Problems. Tell your work mates you're having 'Man Problems' and can't come in today. If nothing else it's sure to spread some rumors around the water cooler...

"I didn't know he played for the home team?"

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