Now that's an Awesome Ringtone!

I saw this phone (pictured right) and thought to myself that must have the most awesome ringtone. Then I thought a bit more... kind of gives a new meaning to the concept of putting someone on 'speaker phone'.

My imagination ran wild, quickly moving on to the idea that this must be the kind of phone those car nuts with the pimped up stereo systems and the 'doof, doof' music would love in their house. A 'doof, doof' phone!

Turns out none of these things even come close to what this phone is. In actual fact it is one of six similar phones that make up an art installation called O Telephone by artist, Don Ritter.

It's an interactive work featuring six modified 1960’s telephones within a darkened room which randomly ring with a distinctive sound. After a ringing phone is answered by a viewer, “om” is heard through the handset and through the speaker in the body of the phone. When viewers answer other ringing phones, the resulting “om” sounds will pan through all the answered phones. The telephones will eventually begin a composition comprised of the ringing and “om” sounds if they are not answered by viewers. [ source: - O Telephone by Don Ritter ]

Check out the link for pictures of the installation and, if you have either the Real or Quicktime video plug-ins, video of the work in action.

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