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Road Trip Day 19: 10th June 2007

I guess, at this point my road trip is officially over. The big drive from Gawler, via Broken Hill then across to Perth is finished. It's been quite an interesting journey - well for me it has been anyway. I've seen a lot more of the country I live in than at any other time in my life.

That said, the trip its self isn't over until I jump on a plane and fly back to Gawler, Adelaide in about a weeks time. So I'll continue to post articles about my experiences until then, after which this blog will resume it's eclectic mix of whatever happens to be interesting me at the time.

At the moment I'm catching up with relatives. Today my younger brother came for a visit. Then I went to visit my Dad and after that my Mother. All of them live independent lives from each other which means you rarely see my family all in the one place at the same time.

I'm not doing a great deal of tourist type things whilst in Perth because I lived here for just over twenty years. I'm sure there is plenty I haven't seen but really I'm just here to catch up with family and maybe take a bit of time to see how the places I used to visit frequently have changed in seven years.

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