3D Desktop Printers.

I'd heard of the concept of a 3D printer but I never knew they'd become a reality. You may say, "Oh that's old news, they've been around since..." well I don't know when since I've just discovered them.

For the uninitiated a 3D printer works like your average inkjet printer except it sprays microscopic bits of melted plastic in a process that gradually builds a solid, hold in your hand 3D object. That's right not an image on paper of a 3D object but the actual object 'printed' in 3 dimensional form.

The SolidScape T66 3D printer, sits on your desktop and will set you back about US$30,000. Presently it's used for printing designed 3D objects, such as jewelry, from CAD software but the future potential is mind blowing.

Imagine when the price of these things comes right down so that every home could afford one. Imagine shopping in a virtual toy store and then 'printing' out your purchases as physical 3D toys. Cool or what?

Can't wait for the next generation of 3D printers when you'll be able to 'print' out ready to eat, piping hot pizza!

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