Carefree feline fun: Art by TET.

Roof Top Cats, Series of 3 artworks.
Acrylic and Chalk Pastel on Canvas Frames, July 2007.

This is my latest series of artworks depicting six of my feline friends having a great time on a roof top in the evening light. Thought I'd just show them off here and let you know that each image is available to buy as a gift card from my Red Bubble Portfolio.


  1. Just wanted to add (Yes I'm the same anon that posted under morning people) that these kitty cats are screaming out for a children's book. Ever consider that direction? They are so rich in colour and full of personality.

  2. Several people have suggested that I should try children's book illustration but it's not something I'm interested in. I have no desire to illustrate other people's words and I'm not compelled to write a children's book of my own. Just happy to paint my pictures :-)


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