Contemplating the Apple iPhone.

The recent release of the Apple iPhone in the USA prompted me to contemplate whether I should mention it in this blog or not? It hasn't been released in Australia so I certainly can't review it. However if you're going to talk about a new technology product you want to mention it while it's hot - and the iPhone is hot - right now!

Not that the iPhone needs any more publicity but I certainly do. Mentioning it means that this blog entry may just come up in search engines for anyone looking for information on the iPhone. I'll get maybe a few more people to my site and, so as not to disappoint, I've embeded a video review by technology expert, Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal.

Walt gives the phone an overall thumbs up but does point out some very real concerns about network access that those of you in remote regions may want to think very hard about.

Video posted by macflyfilm via YouTube.

Read Walt's comprehensive review at All Things Digital.

If you're not quite so technical minded then all you need to know about the iPhone is provided by MuggleSam in this very cute video posted on YouTube comparing the iPhone to the Blackberry. I think the choice is clear. You need technology that dances!

Video posted by MuggleSam via YouTube.

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