The Dog in the Dining Room.

The image on the right could easily be an artwork all on its own that perhaps says something about modern art that isn't too flattering. It certainly appeals to my sense of humor on some level. A black dog spraying a wall with black paint.

It could also be a statement about depression taking the idea of 'The Black Dog' literally and as a symbol for a state of being. What it might say about depression I'm not exactly sure but like all art that would be open to interpretation.

Getting back to the bigger picture this photo isn't of a single artwork. It is a detail photo of a much larger artwork by artist Richard Jackson, currently on display at the Galerie GP and N Vallois in Paris. Be sure to click on the links below and take a closer look at what surely is a fascinating artwork to walk around in person.

The artwork is called The Dining Room, and is pictured on the right. Along side it and forming an additional part of the sculpture/installation is The Maid's Room, which is equally gross in its conception and implementation. Both artworks are recreations and adaptations that pay homage to an earlier work by well known French artist, Marcel Duchamp.

Personally I don't really know what to make of this kind of art. It is both fascinating to look at as well as shockingly grotesque but leaves me wondering why?

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  1. I don't really understand this kind of 'art' - can't see the point.

    I'm particularly talking about 'The Dining Room' and 'The Maid's Room' I don't understand at all, as I can't make it out! It's not my cup of tea anyway.


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