Gonna Get my Picture on the Cover of Rolling Stone.

Okay, so it's not Rolling Stone Magazine and it's not really Wired Magazine either but one can dream can't they?

Wired Magazine is to the IT industry what Rolling Stone Magazine is to the music industry. i.e. Wired is the 'cool' technology magazine that is as famous for its page design and overall look as it is for its in depth articles. If you make the cover of Wired then there's a good chance some of its coolness may reflect kindly on you.

Xerox is running a promotion where you too can dream about being on the cover of Wired with their Wired Magazine Cover Creator. Thanks to Nalts at Will Video for Food for posting about this little bit of fun.


  1. No fair. You make this look WAY cooler than mine.

  2. What can I say...'Artist' ;)

    I wish I could say I created this photo especially for the Wired cover but actually it was for this blog post.

    Thanks for reading.


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