Giant Lego Man Found in Sea.

"...and so sayeth, there will be one who shall come from the sea and he will taketh the land and call it... Lego Land?"

A curious occurrence indeed, with this giant Lego man being washed ashore in the Netherlands. No one seems to know exactly where it came from with some speculating that it might be a Trojan horse... (or is that Trojan Lego man) filled with tiny Lego men come to attack.

Wherever it came from it has to go down as one the strangest things ever to have washed up on a beach. For more details read the complete blog post about the giant Lego man in Spiegel Online.


  1. Looks like he swam away from Dance Valley 2007:

  2. Thanks Roger, looks like you've solved it... unless there's more than one of these figures running around.


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