Helium Features "An Introduction to Video Blogging" on Home Page.

It's an exciting day today as Helium has just featured my article An Introduction to Video Blogging on their home Page.

Whilst the article will only remain on the home page for a day, you have to remember that this is a site with millions of visitors and every click on my article is worth money. Home Page featured is the pinnacle of Helium writing on a par with being accepted by a partnered print publisher or being the winner of one of Helium's regular contests.


  1. Saw this in the Bulletin on MySpace, so have read it, even though it doesn't have to do with me.

    Good article though. Didn't have time to read other articles to compare, but hope this earned you a bit.

    Do they accept poetry - I could only find articles about poetry, though there was some incorporated into that? I can write articles too, but prefer to write true things rather than fiction, as I don't really like making up stories, but could if I put my mind to it.

    Read about the Tourist Lounge too. Will think about that, but don't want to get too committed to too many writings, what with my Writer's Circle and thinking about blogs too, and answering emails etc!

  2. Yes they do accept poetry and true stories too. You do have to look for the right titles and channels though which can take time.


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