Helium Features: Reflections on the Starving Artist.

Someone at Helium must like me because today they featured another of my articles, Reflections on the Starving Artist on their home page.

The article, which is currently rated number 1 out of 17 articles, looks at the challenges faced by emerging artists in relation to income and why the phrase 'starving artist' is still very relevant in todays society both literally and as a metaphor. There are many barriers to a successful career in the Arts and it is these barriers that can have a detrimental effect on both the artist and their ability to earn a living.

This is the second time Helium has featured my work on their home page and twice in one month no less! Previously An introduction to Video Blogging earned its day in the sun and even featured higher up on the page.

Now if I could only get featured on YouTube's home page I'd be really happy.


  1. A good piece of writing! I taught you well.........or - somebody did! It must be all that story reading I did! LOL!

    Top marks for being top twice! Hope it's earning a bit!

  2. ...and all those books on my shelf teaching you how to write well had nothing to do with it ;)

    Front page featured on Helium does boost you're earnings quite a bit but I don't think I'll be shouting myself to lunch from my earnings any time soon. Still, it is a buzz to be on their home page.

  3. Well, I was just naturally good at English at school - loved it! Was good at reading from an early age,(before school according to my Mum!) composition writing, and poetry, and spelling, punctuation etc, but all had to be learnt first of course. Always belonged to school libraries from primary school.

    I've got books on writing well too, but in the English lessons sense, as at school. Got a couple on writing your life story, but not properly read yet.

    I'm a crossword fan too, and that has helped to increase my vocabulary, as I've learnt alot of new words, which had to be looked up in the dictionary. :-)

  4. I'm sure you had a big influence :) I'm just saying that I did make a conscious effort to improve my writing. I bought quite a few books on the subject and took the time to read them all. I've read books on everything from copy writing for advertisements to writing fiction.


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