TET Web Site Changes. Don't be Alarmed!

If you've happened to notice things moving around and formating on this site being a little out of whack in places don't be alarmed (I know how sensitive some people can be).

I'm currently in the process of making a few cosmetic changes here and there to improve the look of the site overall (obviously because I wouldn't go to all this trouble to make things worse). However because some of these changes require me to work with my web site at HTML code level problems are bound to creep in. I haven't worked at code level for such a long time.

If you see something that looks really bad please let me know. In the meantime bare with me whilst I scan through all the pages of this blog and the rest of my site to make sure the new site template I've applied is looking its best.


  1. I'm so confused! just how many sites do you have? i can't keep up! Just keep painting!

  2. I have two web sites.. www.extraordinarytourist.com and www.arttimeproductions.com

    Plus a Ning network at.. extraordinarytourist.ning.com

    However this post simply refers to this site (the one you're on now).


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