Britney Spears, Going Down the Hard Road


I'm not one to follow the trials of drugged out celebrities but when someone like Britney Spears is getting so much media attention it's hard not to notice. So, here's a post with a lesson.

It seems that not even Britney can get away with doing whatever the hell she likes. According tho this article on E! News, Britney Comes Clean on Drug Test, Britney is finally complying with a court ruling in order to regain access to her children after the courts gave temporary, primary custody to their father Kevin Federline.

The lesson here kids is that no matter how much money and fame you have you still can't get away with doing exactly as you please if your actions are illegal or potentially dangerous to those around you. Sooner or later the law will catch up with you and bite you on the... well, if you're Britney it'll take away your children.

Because that is one of the reasons why we have laws. They're there to protect you from yourself and, if you won't listen, they're there to protect others from your stupidity.

Don't take the hard road like Britney. The truth is that you can get away with doing so much more of what you want simply by doing the right thing by the people around you.

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