The Traveling Painting Project.

The Traveling Painting Project
Posted by Daligoddess2006

If you're a YouTube artist and you have a web cam then I strongly encourage you to get involved in Daligoddess2006's, The Traveling Painting Project. It doesn't matter what your skill level is so long as you're over 18 years of age and don't mind spending a little bit of money on postage of a smallish canvas.

Considering how popular online video is, getting involved in projects such as this can have a bonus side effect of bringing more profile to your own art. The bigger the project gets the more people will be intrigued to find out more about the artists that have left their mark.

So, the traveling painting project is just what it says. A single canvas traveling from artist to artist, with each artist adding something to the painting before passing it along. Watch the video above for more information and visit the Ning network web site set up by YouTube artist Sherri Westfall.

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