Messy Dog Art

I came across the messy dog art of M.C. Williams whilst browsing my Youtube subscriptions (I'm subscribed to tags like 'art' so I can see new art related videos as they are posted) and was completely blown away by the colour and personality of these delightful paintings.

I think the video above speaks for its self however if you'd like to see more messy dog art (and maybe even buy some) visit the artists ebay store.

Williams promotes these paintings as ideal for kids (to hang in their bedrooms I presume) but as someone who is a dog lover I'd be more than happy to place one of these artworks prominently in my home for guests to enjoy.


  1. Thank you king of elegant feline paintings. Coming from you, a put-up for messydog means a whole lot!

    I love the movement in your feline pieces, its beautiful the way you can illicit that for your audience. Nice work. Keep up the great information on this blog.

  2. That's quite okay messydog. I really liked the style of your dogs. Far more character and personality than I think you'd get using a more realistic style.

  3. Very cute - I love the flower ones. I had a quick look at the ebay site. They are good for something different, very appealing. I liked the music to go with the video too.


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