What The Duck - The Art and Photography Duck

What The Duck is a daily web comic strip based around the antics of a little duck photographer that falls firmly in the category of 'I wish I'd thought of that'. Mostly for the exceptionally catchy name but also because the character is very marketable.

The comic's author, Aaron Johnson, recently contacted me because he thought I might be interested to see his latest strip (WTD 401 pictured above) with its 'starving artist' theme. It did indeed raise a smile. I know I'd be quite happy if some rich art investor bought me and took me home - just so long as he didn't hang me on the wall!

The What The Duck web site is very 'more-ish'. The cartoons are short, simple and always manage to deliver at least a smile if not a 'Laugh Out Loud'. Take a look and I'm sure you'll agree. You can also suggest your own ideas for cartoons and buy some really cool WTD merchandise.

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  1. I wish you had got some of your comic strip characters published, and maybe got into this line of work on a regular basis.

    Your black cat one was good, and the street kid ones. I think you had a serial one going too, small pictures with great detail.


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