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You may have noticed that I haven't posted to this blog for quite some time. That's largely been due to a lack of motivation on my part. If all has gone well, on the top right of this post you should see an interesting image of a blogger talking with his hand along with the text 'Blah, Blah, Blog'.

In many respects this is how I've felt about writing of late. Why bother if you don't really have anything of great value to say?

In an attempt to break the drought of posts, this post is to inform you of a new image hosting service called PicApp which breaks through all the legalities of using copyright images through ad supported image hosting of pictures provided by publishers willing to let their images be used in this way.

The image on this post comes from PicApp and demonstrates how the ads appear on an embeded image. Supposedly the ads are relevant to content (I wonder if this breaches Google's Adsense terms in any way?).

However, what makes the concept cool is that using the images is almost as simple as ripping off copyrighted images from other web sites - only with PicApp you're not likely to risk a law suit. Just browse PicApps database for a suitable image, choose one of the standard sizes, then paste some code into your blog where the image should appear. Easy!

At the time of writing this post the site was still in Beta Test mode but already has a substantial data base of stock and current events images. Eventually you'll be able to upload your own images and earn some of that ad revenue as well.

Well worth a look if you need some stock images to enhance your blog.

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