Can you see the Elephant?

If you're familiar with those online market research sites where you can win reward points for answering surveys, you'll know that many of them contain preliminary questions. Questions designed to screen out people who may not be in the target market for the research.

In a recent survey I was screened out after one question: Which animal can you see? (take a look at the picture - I don't think it was a trick question?)

Of the seven possible answers I chose 'Elephant'.

I submitted my answer and clicked the button to continue to the next screen which informed me:
Thank you for your participation in this survey. Unfortunately, we have spoken to enough people in your category. Please click on the >> button below to submit your answers.
What the...??

Apparently enough people who can identify an elephant when they see one had taken this survey. I wonder if I would've been able to take the survey if I'd chosen one of the other answers such as 'hippo'. Do you think they'd had enough responses from people who mistake elephants for hippos?

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