Koala Grilled at 100kmph

Don't mess with the koalas over in Queensland, Australia because they build them pretty darn tough in that part of the world. At least it would seem so with this story of a koala that was hit by a car at 100kmph (about 60mph), then traveled for 12km (about 7m) with its head stuck in the cars plastic grill before anyone noticed.

The koala, whose been named Ely 'Lucky' Grills (possibly after the well known, late Australian actor Lucky Grills) by rescuers, was in shock but survived the ordeal relatively unscathed and was up and about after a few hours rest and a feed.

What I'd like to know is how do you not notice hitting a koala at speed? Anyone who's done any significant traveling by car in Australia may at some point have hit wildlife that's wandered onto the road. My partner and I once took out a dove that wasn't even on the road as such but when it took off flew straight into the path of our car. We noticed it, and felt it hit.

I wonder if the maker of the car can claim that their vehicles include wildlife protecting safety features?

Photo: Lucky Grills, Reuters


  1. How can a person NOT know they hit an animal with their vehicle? Even hitting a cat andit makes a sound and you feel it....either that or my trucks tires are really crappy.

  2. It's beyond me. Even if the driver didn't know they'd hit a koala you'd think they'd know they hit something and at least stop to see if there was any major damage to the car.

    This driver had to be flagged down by another passing motorist who noticed the koala in the other cars grill. If that hadn't of happened the koala may not have been quite so lucky.


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