Back Off, I’m an Artist!

“Back Off, I’m an Artist!”

This stern warning sent a shiver down the spine of customers who minutes ago had been patiently queuing for the next available teller.

“Careful he’s got a brush!”

Would this be the day that someone suffered for art? Paint splattered everywhere in an artistic massacre of modern art?

“Let me paint a picture for you.”

It was getting serious. It could only end in critique.

“I’m an artist… and a good one!”

How could anyone know that for sure? By who’s definition was this artist ‘good’? The way things were going it looked more like a confrontation with a bad artist. One with a disposition for performance art.

“I should be able to make a living from my art. I should be raking the money in!”

There’s nothing worse than a starving artist cornered.

“Why do people not buy my art?!”

A pathetic performance by any standards. Clearly no one understood. Letting art speak for its self is no way to put on an exhibition. One and a half stars. Stay away from this one, it’ll only disappoint.

I told you it would end in critique.

Note: The above text is a piece of my own 'free form' writing that first appeared in my Red Bubble Journal on July 6, 2006. Good writing tends to get forgotten on Red Bubble so I thought I'd reproduce it here as a way of drawing attention to my Gallery Shop, Slogans Section which includes the Back Off, I'm an Artist! design.

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