The Traveling Painting

The Traveling Painting is a project started by YouTube user, DaliGoddess. It's a fairly simple idea. A single painting is sent around the world, from artist to artist, with each artist adding and filming their contribution then posting their video as a response to the original 'Bon Voyage' to the painting video.

A year since the painting began its journey it arrived on my doorstep here in Australia after being sent by a fellow Aussie and expatriate from Norway.

Below is my contribution to the project, which I'm posting here because I think it's one of the better videos I've made in recent times. Largely helped by a great old song which I've been itching to use ever since I came across it in the public domain quite some time ago.

If you'd like to know more about the Traveling Painting project then these are the all important links to follow:


  1. It certainly stands out! I'll look at those links later. Hope I can save this video and from your other subscriptions. I subscribe to your YouTube ones.

    I'm four behind with looking at your last ones that came into my Inbox. Do you have a subscription to your blog on this site, as I have to just keep looking in but I'd like to be notified?

  2. You can subscribe to the RSS feed using the button down the bottom. Beyond that there isn't any way to be notified via email (that I know of).


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