Losing an Hour of Time

This morning I feel like I've lost an hour of my life. Is this how alien abductees feel when they say they're missing time that they can't account for?

Apparently everyone in the state of South Australia is also feeling the same way. This smells of Government Conspiracy!

Some time last night, I'm told, around 2am the clocks never made it to 2:01am. In no time at all it was 3am and I have no idea what happened between two and three? I hope I had fun though, since I was sleeping, anything could have happened.

Did we all just move our clocks forward for daylight saving or were we collectively abducted for an hour of lost time? Think about it. Few people are actually awake at the official time of 2am - when the clocks were moved forward. There has to be a reason they want us sleeping?

Why not move the clocks forward at 8pm so all the little kids could stay up late and see what 9pm looks like?

When we set the clocks back an hour, is that the hour that we lost? Is everything we do in that 'repeat' hour what we were doing in the hour we lost? So many questions. Maybe there should be an official, independent inquiry?

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