Is Michelle Obama the New Princess Diana?

Marc Malkin from E!Online recently wrote an article, Another Michelle Obama Fashion Stimulus Package, that talked about how Michelle Obama's taste in clothes is creating a noticeable boost in fashion sales (specifically on clothes she is actually seen wearing as evidenced by this Essence magazine cover - see photo - that is featured alongside Marc's article).

Marc's article prompted me to notice that there are obvious similarities with the late Princess of Wales, Princess Diana, who only had to stick a toe outside her front door for the media to go wild with anticipation to see what she was wearing.

The two are also in the same league when it comes to their fashion choices. Unlike many celebrity women (movie stars and singers etc.) Michelle and Diana have/had to show some conservatism in their wardrobe whilst still highlighting their ability to wear clothes that others want to wear because they make the clothes look so good.

I can't think of any other women, beyond Princess Diana, in recent history or in my time that has had as much world interest in their clothes as Michelle Obama. Hence I wonder if Michelle, in her unique position as America's First Lady, is now filling a void that was left when the Princess of Wales tragically left us?

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