TET Now on your Mobile Phone

Ever since I got one of those flash new phones with internet access I've been thinking I should make a 'mobile friendly' version of my own site i.e. one that's a little less graphics heavy and taxing on your mobile download limit.

Thanks to Mippin, a free service that can convert your RSS Feed into a mobile site, you can now get my Master RSS feed as web site for your mobile phone.

By simply bookmarking my mobile site at http://mippin.com/etourist on your mobile phone you can view all my latest content wherever you are including; my latest ebay auctions, blog posts, animation blog posts, flickr images, videos and more.

You can see a sample of my site and how it looks on a mobile phone in the image above.

If you have a blog and want to make your site even easier to access by your visitors wherever they are then give Mippin a try. It's almost as simple as supplying Mippin with your RSS or Atom Feed URL and then getting your new mobile site URL.

There are a few other steps but nothing that requires real technical knowledge. If you set up your blog yourself then Mippin is easier than that. It's a free service and you can even monetize it with ads that you receive 100% revenue from if you choose.

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