"Life's Tough, Get a Helmet" - Literally!

Imagine if we took this quote literally for any tough situation we had to face. I can just see it now. You hear a voice from the other room...

"Honey, I think the baby needs changing?"

Better go get your helmet.

Not just any helmet either. You'd have a range of helmets to suit whatever life throws at you. Big presentation at the office? You'll have a helmet for that.

Job interview? You'll have a helmet for that.

Helping the kids with their homework. You'll need a helmet.

Having the 'Talk' with your teenage children? I think you'll need a specially designed helmet for that!

There seems to be some debate as to where the quote Life's tough, get a helmet originates from? Some attribute it to Denis Leary whilst others attribute it to the TV show, The Hills, and still others say it's from the TV Show, Boy Meets World? Personally I think we can rule out The Hills but we'll probably need a helmet to resolve this.

All in all it's probably a good philosophy for dealing with the difficult situations in life but perhaps taking it literally might be going a bit far... or is it?

“Hey kids, Grandma is coming over. Do you know where your helmets are?”

Hmmm.... Grandma was always a difficult one!

Animation written and created by TET.

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