Photography and not being Technically Perfect.

Video: Blog Header Photo Shoot.

I wouldn't say I'm the greatest photographer in the world. I have some training and my photography teacher in college always thought I had a great eye for composition but I've never really taken the whole thing that seriously. I don't have a passion for taking great photos.

I use what I know as tool for a means to an end. Taking photos to illustrate an article I may have written and occasionally to express an idea. However I don't go to great lengths to ensure I have perfect focus, ideal lighting or just the right camera for the job.

The final image that I used for my blog header.
In my photo shoot to create an image for my blog header you can see the final image I went with (pictured right) is slightly out of focus and the lighter areas are over exposed so that certain details are washed out or lost altogether. I'm sure there are real photographers cringing... that's the photo you chose to use?

For this photo shoot the final image didn't need to be perfect. I knew the completed image would end up being so small that being slightly out of focus wouldn't matter. I also knew I'd be doing a lot of processing and manipulation which would give me plenty of opportunity to correct some of the over exposed areas (or in the case of the canvas just cut them away entirely).

When the situation requires it I can take a great photo and pay attention to all those details. However if you know an image is destined to be severely reduced and reproduced only on a monitor then there's no sense in getting too caught up in trying to get the perfect photo. It's just overkill.

Video: Processing the final image using Corel Paint.

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