Pt3. Three Cat Tails Painting by TET

WIP: Three Cat Tails
Darker shading and cream fur added.
Day three of my video diary (embeded below) following the creation of my latest series of paintings, Three Cat Tails. View Part one and Part two if you haven't seen them yet.

In this video I mix a dark brown colour to add some shadow and stripes to my cats. You'll see how the brown tones the orange down quite a bit to make the colouring of the cats a little more believable.

I also mix a light cream colour to fill in the transitions between the orange and white area of the cats fur. You'll see in a later episode more clearly what I mean once I add the white back in. Note how, when I add the cream, it initially goes on too thick and I have to wipe it back with a cloth and water it down to make it more translucent. The perils of mixing colours with white paint!

Finally I finish up by adding in a few small details like paw pads and noses.

It doesn't actually seem like I did that much today. Ordinarily I'd probably keep painting but I'm trying to pace this out so I don't cram too much into one video - since each part is really a little longer than I'd like as it is.

If you're enjoying the series I'd really appreciate some feed back on how you think I went and whether you'd find this kind of studio diary useful if I did it again with future paintings. I'd also love to hear any constructive criticism you may have of my presentation and how I explained things. Was it clear or did it leave you with questions?

Use the comment section to share your thoughts.

Continue to Part 4.

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