Pt4. Three Cat Tails Painting by TET

WIP: Three Cat Tails
Darker purple and green shading added.
Day four of my video diary (embeded below) following the creation of my latest series of paintings, Three Cat Tails. View Part onePart two and Part 3 if you haven't seen them yet.

Yesterday I said that I would begin on adding my black and white final layers today. However after looking at the paintings a few times over night I decided the cats could really use more shadow to give them just a little more three dimensional form.

I had a strong feeling that adding purple and green shadows was what the images really needed. Especially the two larger images needed the purple shading on the background behind the cats to connect them with it - since those two particular images actually make more sense if you get the feeling that you're looking at the cats, laying on a blue floor, from above.

At this point I pretty certain I'm ready for my final black and white detail layers - which I'll get onto on day 5.

Continue to part 5.

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