Christmas Sales Lower Than Expected - Retailers

Every year at about this time news reports focus on shopping. In particular, shopping in the central city (in my case that is Adelaide, South Australia). Every year sales are reported as lower than expected - at least I don't ever recall any report saying sales were higher than expected.

What this does is give the impression that retailers are doing it tough when in fact they're probably doing perfectly fine. Sales are still up, with more people buying during the festive season, it's just not as high as they expected.

It's almost become a traditional pre-Christmas whinge.

As you may know I sell my own original art and prints of my art through this website and Redbubble. I even sell Christmas cards featuring my art. For me Christmas sales so far are exactly as I expected - Zero.

It's not as if I don't promote what I sell or let people know my work would make a great Christmas gift. It's also not as if I don't have plenty of people telling me they enjoy my work. For some reason Christmas sales, for the most part, are elusive for me... except for that one year when I had a rush on. I bought ten of my own Christmas cards.

Yeah, I'm not bitter! LOL

I'm not really complaining. Overall I do okay. Mostly from Ebay auctions of my original art and my Art Business Services (to which I recently added animation services). Sometimes it's a long spell between jobs but eventually something turns up to keep me afloat for a few more months.

I'd just like to say my Christmas sales were higher than expected for once. I'm sure many of those city retailers would like to say their Christmas sales were higher than expected too.

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