TET Wishes You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I'm writing this post on Christmas Eve, staying up late so I can see Santa deliver our presents. Thus far he's a no show but there's still plenty of time yet.

Whilst I'm waiting I thought I'd take the time to wish all my readers, followers and supporters of my work a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I know this year hasn't been particularly productive in generating new content for you. Also I still haven't gotten the Frog Van fixed entirely as promised last year (thanks again to those of you that donated money to at least get it back on the road) so I could blog more about traveling.

On the plus side my animation 4 business site has received a steady flow of work almost all year. Which means I'll be able to get the brake pads replaced on the van some time early in the new year I hope. Then I'll plan a series of travel vlogs/blogs featuring the van as my transportation.

I've also bought a whole bunch of animation software and hope to bring you more of my own animation, with my own artwork rather than all the pre-animated, drag'n'drop GoAnimations you've seen for the last few years.

I'll continue to write for this blog and my Animation and Video Blog. I also hope to revive at least one of my Youtube channels in 2014 with more regular programming.

I'll leave it at that for now as this is starting to sound like a bunch of New Years Resolutions. If I list everything I hope to do in 2014 you can bet I'll have done none of it by the end of the next year just because I said it as a resolution.

Santa is still not here. Perhaps it's still a little early? It's only 11:12pm. Not to worry, I'll be ready for him...

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