Batman v Superman: Dawn of the Onesie #Sadbatman

Although we haven't seen it clearly for sure, film director Kevin Smith (who has seen a well lit, color photo of the suit), says Ben Affleck's Bat costume is pretty much identical to the Frank Miller, Dark Knight Returns suit. If that's true then Ben's world weary Batman will be going 'old school' and be wearing his underpants on the outside (as he should).

Like it or not, at least he isn't wearing training pants under a 'onesie' like 'L-Plate' Superman.

Yeah... that's how my mind thinks.

Thanks to various Batman v Superman fan artists whose images I used to create this bit of fun. Unfortunately your names are lost to me but your images have been on rotation on my computer desktop since not long after you put them online.

If you would like to make your own comics like this then get yourself a copy of ComiPo - which is actually for creating your own Manga comics, even if you can't draw. This comic took me about an hour or so to make and most of that was deciding on my composition for each panel.

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