Not Even Summer and the Place is on Fire.

 As I write this, late evening, the Mallala fire is still burning out of control just over six kilometers away, north of Gawler, South Australia.

Unfortunately the fire has so far claimed the lives of two people (confirmed) and one not yet confirmed along with a number of homes and properties since it started around 2:30pm today.

It's been a hot and very windy day.Whilst things would have to be seriously out of control for where I live to be affected by actual fire, certainly the outskirts of Gawler were probably getting a bit nervous. The fire was definitely heading their way for while earlier in the day. Fortunately the wind changed.

The thing is, Australia is expected to be up against one of the hottest and driest Summer's this coming year. Officially we're in the last days of Spring and the place is already on fire! WTF nature?

Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come. If anything good is to come from this fire, hopefully, it'll mean any fires in the same area, when it really starts to heat, up won't have nearly as much fuel to burn.



  1. Yes, I was watching closely to see where the fire was in SA to see if it was anywhere near you! Glad it wasn't.

    1. It was close enough to see the smoke. That's about all.


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