Will We Soon Chemically Grow Drone Armies?

A giant tank of Chemicals for
growing a drone plane.
Technology Company, BAE Systems, believes that it'll soon be possible to 'grow' complete electronic systems like drone fighter planes in the lab using something called a 'Chemputer'.

Some think that, if this technology becomes available, we're one step away from machines growing their own liquid metal, Terminator II style, robot armies.

We're not there with the technology yet but BAE Systems has published a concept video, demonstrating its vision for the process, suggesting that they believe this scenario could become a reality some day.

It all looks a bit creepy, Matrix, kind of stuff if you ask me.

I should be concerned about automated robot armies being made from melted down human bodies or something but I'm fascinated by the idea of a 'Chemputer'. Specifically, if you can grow an entire plane from chemicals, what else could you grow?

Weirdly enough, the first thing that comes to mind is Pizza. Pizza is just chemicals at the molecular level right? Could we be closer to printing a Pizza than I thought?

Now there's a concept video I'd like to see!

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