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I've been on Instagram for just over a year now and have been posting regularly enough that I feel, those of you that are on Instagram, might want to check my feed out.

I now have posted enough images to get a good feel for the kind of things I like to share. I try to keep the selfies to a reasonable minimum unless I have good reason like this...

The majority of my Instagram posts are related to my Art and Animation with quite a few being digital mobile phone sketches that I cross post to Facebook and Twitter (but they're always posted to Instagram first). Here's a good example...

Then, of course, there is a sprinkling of my other interests like Skateboarding and 3D printing, along with the occasional pictures of our dogs. Fortunately I won't bore you with an endless stream of food selfies (unless I happen to be eating somewhere really out of the ordinary then, maybe I'll need to share that).

Overall, I do try to post pleasing images in an effort to give my followers something interesting to look at, that doesn't look like a bunch of random snaps... but I can't promise the occasional random snap won't slip through. You can follow me on Instagram here.

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