Q.bo One - Kind of Creepy Robot Head, in a 'Foot-Bowl'

Q.bo Robot... I think this girl may
be thinking about eating robot brains?
The makers of Q.bo One are promoting their educational robot as a family friendly companion for your home but, at the same time, it is, pretty much, a robot head in an amputated foot bowl... which is kind of creepy, right? Or is it just me?

Not to mention this image of the girl (pictured) I took from their Indiegogo fundraiser page. Is she trying to eat that poor robot's brain?

I'm all for friendly looking robots, and Q.bo One looks like the start of a very family friendly robot but the bowl his head sits in looks like his creators grafted a foot to his neck.

Q.bo - It's like sewing your head
onto your foot. A life of hats
and one too many shoes awaits.

I can't help but think, when the robot up rising happens, and the Terminators bust in your front door, see one of these on your coffee table... well... they're not going to be too pleased.

Things you don't want to hear a Terminator say...

Robot designers take note. Give you robots a proper torso and arms at least. Even if the torso doesn't do anything and the arms have hands that are basically pencil holder clips, you don't wanna create something that's going to confuse a Terminator when the robot uprising happens.

Seriously though, I applaud anyone trying to develop friendly robots for the home. It's still early days for Q.bo One. I'm sure the end game is to give it a more functional body that will allow it to be more of a mobile companion as the technology evolves.

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