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Dog Star Football and Fringe Benefits - Further Progress (Part 3)

Fringe Benefit with
corrected background.
Continuing on from Part 1 and Part 2 I decided to put Dog Star Football to one side for now and focus entirely on the Fringe Benefit painting. This artwork needed to be finished by the day before I'm writing this post so it could be part of an exhibition at The Gawler Community Gallery.

As well as that I felt it needed my full attention because the start I had made in Part 2 wasn't quite right. The background was too red rather than the more blueish/purple that I had in mind. Hence, the first thing I did was repaint the background as you can see in the video below.

As I said in the above video I had thought I might even finish the artwork in that session but as it turned out it took two more sessions combined into one video (below) to get this artwork completed.

I'm really not used to painting at such a small scale with acrylics so, whilst these videos may make my process look effortless, I can assure you there was quite a bit of cursing involved trying not to mess up the finer lines. Here's a tip for free... work on bigger canvases... people have to stand further back to look at them so your mistakes look smaller!

Fringe Benefit - Finished.
I am happy with the final artwork but I would have liked to have worked on it longer and in more detail. However I know my limitations. Whilst I could probably have added more detail, many brushes would've been snapped in two trying to achiever perfection. I'll leave that kind of dedication to more important artworks than this.

Now that Fringe Benefit is finished the rest of this diary series will focus on Dog Star Football - which is destined for Ebay should you be interested in buying it.


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